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aitextgen is a tool primarily intended to help facilitate creative content. It is not a tool intended to deceive. Although parody accounts are an obvious use case for this package, make sure you are as upfront as possible with the methodology of the text you create. This includes:

  • State that the text was generated using aitextgen and/or a GPT-2 model architecture. (a link to this repo would be a bonus!)
  • If parodying a person, explicitly state that it is a parody, and reference who it is parodying.
  • If the generated human-curated, or if it's unsupervised random output
  • Indicating who is maintaining/curating the AI-generated text.
  • Make a good-faith effort to remove overfit output from the generated text that matches the input text verbatim.

It's fun to anthropomorphise the nameless "AI" as an abstract genius, but part of the reason I made aitextgen (and all my previous text-generation projects) is to make the technology more accessible and accurately demonstrate both its promise, and its limitations. Any AI text generation projects that are deliberately deceptive may be disavowed.