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Helpful Notes

A few helpful tips and tricks for using aitextgen.

  • Not all AI generated text will be good, hence why human curation is currently a necessary strategy for many finetuned models. In testing, only 5% — 10% of generated text is viable. One of the design goals of aitextgen is to help provide tools to improve that signal-to-noise ratio.
  • You may not necessarily get better results with larger models. Larger models perform better on academic benchmarks, yes, but the quality of text can vary strongly depending on the size of the model used, especially if you do not have a lot of input data.
  • To convert a GPT-2 model trained using earlier TensorFlow-based finetuning tools such as gpt-2-simple to the PyTorch format, use the transformers-cli command and the instructions here to convert the checkpoint (where OPENAI_GPT2_CHECKPOINT_PATH is the folder containing the model)
  • When running on Google Cloud Platform (including Google Colab), it's recommended to download the TF-based GPT-2 from the Google API vs. downloading the PyTorch GPT-2 from Huggingface as the download will be much faster and also saves Huggingface some bandwidth.
  • If you want to generate text from a GPU, you must manually move the model to the GPU (it will not be done automatically to save GPU VRAM for training). Either call to_gpu=True when loading the model or call to_gpu() from the aitextgen object.
  • Encoding your text dataset before moving it to a cloud/remote server is strongly recommended. You can do that quickly from the CLI (aitextgen encode text.txt) Thanks to a few tricks, the file size is reduced by about 1/2 to 2/3, and the encoded text will instantly load on the remote server!
  • If you're making a micro-GPT-2 model, using a GPU with a large batch size is recommended, as with the AdamW optimizer, it effectively has built-in batch normalization.
  • If you make frequent use of the Colab Notebooks, I recommend purchasing Colab Pro: the timeouts are infrequent, and being able to reliably train on a P100 (normally $1.46/hr) for hours on end very quickly pays for itself!